Movies with me in them

Videos that have me in them

Riding in BC. Gopro footage from Mac. Rider in front of Mac is me (Mike Cox) for the most part of this video.

Trail riding in Pickle Lake. Bernie has a couple hundred kilometers of single-track around his house in Pickle Lake. This video shows the excellent terrain.

You're the same kind of bad as me. Pickle Lake fun.

This is me ripping around Ashley's track in 2004. His house was still under construction. Ashley built a motocross track before building his house... How can you not admire that?

Blink and you will miss it, I am in this video but not riding, I was a marker at one of the checkpoints. I did spend a few days riding this course and hit every bit of this terrain. It was a blast. I can be see clearly at 1:07:04.

I am running the video, but just having some fun with my brothers and nephew.