• Vintage Motocross
    One man's path to happy thoughts
    This photo shows Mackenzie Cox riding a 1984 Suzuki RM 250
    Photo by Arren Cox
  • Vintage Motocross Racing
    Yes, Motocross was just as good back in the day
    Old and new enjoying time together. That's Vintage Moto!
    Photo taken in Atikokan Ontario
  • The Project - 1984 Suzuki
    32 Years Old - The foundation of modern motocross machinery
    Purchased in Low Quebec - just over an hour's drive.
    This trailer borrowed from my neighbour Rob Kern

The latest Bench Racing Notes

I have been riding in the dirt for more than 40 years

A busy life has often kept me away from the track, but friends and family keep pulling me back in. I think getting into the Vintage Motocross scene will be a great way to scratch the moto itch.