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Providing website and I.T. support since 1998

How this website was made

I have been building websites since 1998 and since then lot has changed. We have gone from bulky computers and slow Internet to tiny computers with blistering fast Internet. Websites need to work well on as many screens as possible. The most popular technique for creating a site that fits on all screens is called Responsive Design.

This website uses a responsive HTML theme that I purchased. There are thousands of high-quality themes available to purchase from a variety of reliable sources. A good theme will come with wide variety of features and design options and be thoroughly tested on as many platforms as possible. You can view the theme I purchased here.

Getting content (words, pictures, videos) into my chosen theme required a CMS - a Content Management System. There are hundreds of excellent CMSs available, I chose to use a new open source CMS called Grav. Converting the theme into a Grav website takes time, but the result is a site that can be easily maintained while remaining true to the original design. There is no compromising the design to fit the CMS, Grav can be used with any design. Grav also has many pre made themes available, I could have chosen one of them and saved a lot of time, but I like to learn new things.

Grav was built to address problems that modern web design was asking, and traditional CMS platforms were not solving. In essence, it's a simple but flexible flat-file CMS that has been designed from the ground-up to be fast and enjoyable to develop with. Unlike WordPress and other traditional CMS platforms, Grav lets you realize your design goals and your clients needs without compromise. You are not limited by your platform, Grav is a platform that adapts to your needs, not the other way around. It just sorta flips the traditional CMS paradigm on it's head. Really it just strives to make the whole process of creating sites fun again :)

Content Management Services

Competition is heating up...

Are you too busy running your business to keep your website updated?

No matter how good your content management system is, getting your content up on the web requires time and a skillset you may not have.

Having a website professional updating your content for you will reduce your frustrations and your website will look better, work faster and rank higher on the search engines. allowing you to focus on leaving your competition behind.

Price is by the hour or on a monthly retainer, email for more details.

Microsoft Cloud Partner

Get your business on the cloud with Microsoft Office 365 and Windows Azure.

We can facilitate a smooth transition to the Cloud with no downtime. Domain setup, email migration, training and ongoing system administration.

Not all I.T. Support Professionals are nerds

But some motocross racers are.

I have a great deal of experience providing I.T. Support to small businesses and organizations and also enterprise support. I have a very good rapport with most people and with a lifetime of troubleshooting experience, I can help solve most of your I.T. issues with confidence and good humour.

  • computer support
  • network configuration
  • run a cable
  • install a router
  • email services
  • email and document migrations
  • Microsoft Active Directory
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • training
  • and much more...

Website Development and Maintenance

My original business idea in 1997 was to develop websites. Prior to 1997 I was a marine mechanic so my first customers were marinas, I understood their business needs so long before there was WordPress, before the acronym CMS, there was me writing code changing the way marinas listed their boats for sale. As it turns out, there are people out there that can code a lot better than me and with an open source software movement in full swing, I stopped writing my own code and became proficient with other CMS platforms.

Every website I have ever made has been built using a CMS. I have a clear understanding of website maintenance, I know the importance of clean markup and media optimization. Currently I am developing sites using Grav, DNN, and WordPress. I feel it is best to know a few platforms well, it helps me to build faster so I can keep the costs low.

Please contact me for a free consultation.

Website Hosting

Most of the sites that I develop I also host. The advantage of of this is that you will always have a single point of contact should any issue arise with your website or your website hosting. Other hosting providers are large companies, or companies that just have too many customers to provide a personalized service. If something goes wrong, email me or pick up the phone and dial 613-614-9992 and I will personally solve the issue as quickly as possible. You don't have to fill out a form to talk to me, just call!