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The bike I never bought in 1984

Instead I bought a 1984 CR-125 to replace the 1983 CR-125 that I wore out.

In my opinion this bike and most other bikes of this vintage represent the foundation of all modern motocross bikes. By 1984 mx bikes had long-travel suspension with single-shock rear, liquid cooling with dual radiators, a dry weight of 220 lbs with a focus on a low centre-of-gravity. The pipe and kick-starter on the right, chain on the left. Seat that goes over the fuel tank - known as the crotch protector. Another notable trait that all modern bikes still have is the removable sub-frame. This Suzuki did not have a removable sub-frame, the Full-Floater suspension design did not allow for this, instead, you could remove the entire airbox for easy maintenance.

All of the above mentioned traits are common on all modern bikes but it was pretty new in 1984.

The bike I bought is now 32-years old and it's condition is remarkably good. These are the disassembly photos, bike now sits in my basement.